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  1. my card NVIDIA Corporation GM108M [GeForce 930M] He is here [NV110 GeForce 750, GeForce 900 -> Maxwell] Im, install nvidia package from pacman and reboot display black window 🙁

  2. I am almost giving up to install the proprietary Nvidia drivers, I have a Gtx 650ti and install the drivers properly as the wiki say, but when I restart my system I get a black screen and my Xorg log shows "no screens found" "no devices detected "….anyone else facing this problem? How to fix it.?

  3. So, I tried this on Apricity OS (based on Arch so I thought it would work).

    When booting, all the [ OK ] things come up until [ OK ] Reached target Graphical interface. then the screen starts blinking for like 30 seconds, then stops blinking, and the login page doesn't show up. I can access the terminal via Ctrl+Alt+F3.

    Any idea how to fix it?

  4. Mister midfingr this is work for manjaro-kde? i have intel/nvidia740m HYBRID GPU i dont know how to install proprietary drivers. I try from manjaro wiki but this work only for non hybrid i think alweys i have black screen and i must uninstal. hardware manager and terminal wey all the same effect. My system now is manjaro kde with plasma. Please give me som TIP. Thanks. card1 intel is only power saving mode i need config and install Nvidia740M in my sony vaio laptop. I wont normal Performace system NOW is NOT fully configured and work with lag when i run some steam game.

  5. Just wondering, if I install the wrong graphics driver will the screen still be "viewable" after rebooting or will it be all blank. Will I still be able to see the grub menu so that I can go into rescue mode and fix things up? Thanks.

  6. Last time I followed this tutorial from a clean install the commands worked like a charm with xorg and cinnamon desktop and my GTX 960. However I think there has been a driver update and after about 5 minutes it crashes back to tty1 no matter what DE or how I configure xorg. Is anyne else having this problem?

    Again, even after a clean install the same problem happens, I think I've gotten it down to where I can reliably reproduce it.

    Also normally when I install proprietary Nvidia drivers on linux the the video output before the DE loads is noticably lower, where as with nouveau everything is kept as full resolution during boot.

    Anybody else having this issue?

    I'm going to try to downgrade my nvidia driver and report back if I end up fixing it.

  7. hello installing proprietary drivers breaks my arch system on almost evey arch install.. only works with manjaro where ram usage is increased by a gig 1.5. – 2 gig initial ram usage with plasma 5 .. any advice will be appreciated..

  8. So useful thank you so much! Your desktop looks very nice? You use gnome shell? How you made the folders look like the OS X operative system?

  9. This is an awesome video man. I know we talked about this when i had you on Google hangouts. I finally got it after i thought about it you where right. lts nvidia is for lts Arch install. only thing is how would you actually install lts install of Arch. It would be a different way from installing it the bleeding edge way from how i followed your video. But like you said to me why would you want too you wouldn't get newest and badss software apps etc.

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