Arch Linux The Chab Way for BDLL Arco Linux.B


Installing Arch Linux the chabs ways and enjoying the Erik Dubois Universtity of Arch, Arco Linux.b is the way to go.

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5 thoughts on “Arch Linux The Chab Way for BDLL Arco Linux.B

  1. Arco forums discuss Antergos users, cos Antergos is no longer living. Not sure why you prefer Arco over Manjaro. Not sure why you prefer Arco over any other operating system at all.
    Seems that if want to avoid the tedious, skilled RTFM of Arch, then Arco is the alternative. So I'll try it now.
    There are three versions of Arco. I'll try the "top" multi-desktop version now. Not sure what that does …

  2. I tried installing Arch Linux earlier today the long way installing from scratch but when I got to the part where you configure mirrors, rankmirrors was telling it couldn't locate the mirrorlist even though the file was in the /etc/pacman.d folder. After 2 failed attempts to get over that hurdle, I went running back to Elementary OS Juno, install was buttery smooth and I got a couple of my favorite games installed and running perfectly.

  3. 100% agree. I actually enjoyed the Arch install challenge, something I did not believe I would. However, there is always a however with me 🙂 I prefer to install Arch with the benefit of knowledge that other people have, rather than rely on my own. So Arcolinuxb IS the way to go for a great Arch experience. There are also several other Arch based ISO's out there that are easy to find and use. This video is about the excellence that is Erik Dubois.

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