Big Daddy Linux Live! 8-17-19 (8pm EDT)


This week on BDLL! We will give our final thoughts on our bi-weekly distro challenge which is “EndeavourOS” and we will also pick a new distro to look at and much more.

Want to join us? You can download zoom at and install it and join the meeting via this link

We will be multistreaming with ReStream so you can watch it here on Youtube or on Twitch!

Check out for more info.

Links for people who join BDLL can be found at

Join the discussion during the week in our telegram group at

Join us on Discord at


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  1. Manjaro's current KDE release candidate 8 ships Discover by default and their looking for community feedback on that, which I think would help the project overall. Thank you BDLL community for such fine comments and great ideas!

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