Big Daddy Linux Live! 8-24-19 (8pm EDT)


This week on BDLL! We will give our thoughts on our bi-weekly distro challenge which is [Regolith Linux]( ). A big thank you to Ken Gilmer the creator of Regolith for making time to join us on the show and answer our questions about Regolith.

We discuss the new products from [Pine64]( and get some info on the [PinePhone](, [PineTab]( and [Pinebook Pro]( from ZeebedeeBoss who was at the [latest meetup]( from the creator of the Pine products

We also talk about the [Barton George interview]( from [Jason Evangelho](’s podcast [Linux for Everyone]( talking about [Dell’s Sputnik Project](

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1 thought on “Big Daddy Linux Live! 8-24-19 (8pm EDT)

  1. When I started experimenting with i3 last year, I did so to try to learn something new, to get a minimalist desktop going. Bc I got sick of every other DE having bugs and things that didnt work sitting on my system. I thought well, Ill try i3 until I break it. Ill never get used to these keyboard shortcuts, its too different, etc… But even before I got it set up the way I wanted it. I started to find myself using it as my main WM. Luke Smith's content on i3 was a big help for me to get started. And for some one who knows no code at all like me, the config file I found to be very clear and easy to tweak. Plus their documentation is awesome. I am still learning things with it, and I am by no means an expert at it, but I am still a year later using it as my daily driver. It allowed me to only install what I want with no bloat. And its blazing fast. Its tiling behavior does take some getting used to though. Ill give you guys that. But it works for me.

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