Bungie will PERMABAN Linux Users?!?


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38 thoughts on “Bungie will PERMABAN Linux Users?!?

  1. Interpretive Abstraction Layer is the correct term. It is just another layer in the stack. It's an old SystemV/BSD thing. As for them banning, it's probably because they are worried that a user can run an program outside of the game that their anti-cheat can not detect. I know that aim bots and some RPG script bots do this, from testing of course u_u;;;

  2. I am also scared about "Virtual Machines" beeing listed as modified operating system. Because first it doesn't modify the system it is a hardware emulation or virtualization that run a standart operating system with and without modifications; second: Cloud Gaming providers (if you like them or not) will most likely also run virtualization; third (and last): They should not have the right to tell a user what to do or not do with hi OWN machine, the operating system gets modified as soon as it is installed just because userdata/login is added, programms and drivers get installed, that is technically also modification of the system (on linux as well as windows), this is just a very idiotic way of saying "We ban you whenever we want to".

  3. In certain Microsoft EULA, there is a clause that states "You may not work around any technical limitations in the software". That's a funny one I think.
    On topic now, many mmorpg games suffer from the kind of treatment described in the video. They get licensed by the developers to various third parties around the world, who deploy their own low quality custom launcher and malware anti-cheat software. While the game technically runs under Wine, these addons either make the game harder to configure, or not run at all, sometimes even deliberately. When people manage run the game under Wine, thanks to its continuous developement and progress, they get threatened with restrictions and bans.

  4. As a Destiny 2 player myself, I'm glad to see this getting publicity. I'm not mad at Bungie but I'm also very unhappy. I think Bungie isn't anti-Linux/Proton/Wine, but they have made poor choices in programming and are too lazy and incompetent to iron things out for proper Proton support. And because of that laziness and incompetence they deserve some heat.

  5. I would imagine that it is because getting the game to run would currently require one to bypass their anti-cheat system. This is an issue for many online games running under WINE/Proton.

    Perhaps when WINE/Proton are able to support these anti-cheat systems it won't be an issue, but only time will tell.

  6. Well, to be fair… It's their right to do so since they would want to provide a fool proof service. It's way harder to do that if they allowed all kinds of compatibility layers and emulation technology through and would have to support those too. On the other hand… Just because companies part ways does not mean they don't have ties, social and economic.

  7. There is an interesting legal angle to this. Bungie can't prescribe which OS the user MUST use. A gamer who has sufficient money to waste could deliberately get a permaban and then sue Bungie for anti-competitive behavior (not allowing any other OS than Windows). An alu-hat angle: Bungie used to make games exclusively for MS, could MS have asked Bungie to do this to slow-down the progress of gaming on Linux to prevent Windows-users from switching to Linux. Microsoft has done worse things in the past.

  8. I don't get why so many games refuse to let me give them their business. No Wine/Proton or VM users allowed. I mean I guess I won't play their game then but it boggles the mind. if you have someone who's enough of an enthusiast to play in a gpu passthrough vm maybe work toward making an exception for these dedicated players. RIOT was smart enough to work with linux and vfio users I hope these bigger devs can some day see the light.

  9. So much FUD spreading around. The game itself doesn't work under proton unless you run some patch that disables the anti-cheat. And honestly, if you disable the anti-cheat you deserve what's coming. anti-cheat software exists for a reason, to prevent people from cheating.

  10. I'd watch your vids on LBRY if only they'd be uploaded at the time I see you mentioning it in the vid. But every time I checked, it wasn't there at that point

  11. Quick question:

    Will Proton ever support normal work Applications like Substance Painter or Photoshop? I hate switching between OS's to work and please, don't tell me about Gimp.

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