Clockwork is a Linux GameBoy Emulation Dream Machine?


Clockwork is a Linux GameBoy Emulation Dream Machine? Today’s video details and discusses Clockwork the game shell kit that is a Linux based video game emulation machine. This is a fully able programmable hand held.

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Clockwork Game Shell

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24 thoughts on “Clockwork is a Linux GameBoy Emulation Dream Machine?

  1. I have a hacked Psp and Ps vita, they work great for simple emulation(buttons are remap-able too). I don't see a reason to buy this. But that's just me. If you don't have either for whatever reason then I guess this could be an option. However considering you can buy a PSP for $80(half the asking price of Clockwork) I'd still say it's a pretty hard sell. But again that's just my two cents.

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