Dependence on a Fragile Internet


This week there was another internet outage which crippled several services people have grown to rely on. All this while businesses are trying to more everything to the internet, and it begs a simple question: is it worth it? We will talk about this issue today.
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21 thoughts on “Dependence on a Fragile Internet

  1. Article written by someone who doesn't have enough money in their account to actually need online payments, and/or has yet to actually do a payment, or get into a situation where they have to pay TODAY else the fee makes it unaffordable. Yep, if your account is only $1 it's sort of difficult to split it into two or three banks.

    The entire outage story should give anyone pause for thought. Same as the recent google cloud service outage made several businesses grind to a halt recently. These things are going to happen people, plan for it, never rely on only one system – no matter what that system is, how large the company backing it, it is going to happen – when is the question, not if. If you can, have at least one manual method as well, even if that is only a check book – which BTW is also not a single point answer, when those checks are finished you need a replacement book, which is sort of hard to come by while the bank is closed.

    Exactly the same thing as "clouds" storage as backup. Nope, that's just one point of failure. What you want is multiple independent stuff. And to avoid having issues when there's a local (or heaven forbid wide area) internet down time, have a local storage backup AS WELL.

    Social media, great, no-one's going to "die" if they cannot view the latest cat video. But losing some irreplaceable data? Eh, could cause lots of problems. Losing the ability to pay a bill, depends on the bill – what if that bill is keeping a critically sick family member in a hospital? All is relative. And whatever's more important to you needs to be augmented by alternative support structure.

  2. I guess i should start restudying for my tech and general amateur radio license to go using cw.

    Im glad i live in rural area of Alabama

    I think cellphone carriers should let dumb phones on thier 4g and 5g

  3. when I read the title, I thought of "fragile" in the security context
    which even then, yeah we are, everyone just goes in throwing wifi locks on their door
    any hacker can simply hack into your network and unlock
    heck, even adding wifi hotspots just adds another single point of failure, hack any one of them and you're in the whole network

    nobody uses common sense these days >.<

  4. regarding the medical bit (and actually the store bit too)
    there's nothing wrong with having a local server to store your records, don't need to go to the extreme of a filing cabinet
    just keep a backup generator around in case there's a power outage
    so what if internet goes down, the hospital won't be crippled

    why is it an autistic low life like me can think of these things when the people who's JOB it is to think of these failsafes can't
    why are we proving Genus's reality from One Punch Man where everyone is an idiot

  5. I do not support or use the cloud, period, Yes, I have a GMail account, and that's pretty much it. (LinkedIn notwithstanding!…..that's how I network for jobs!) But in regards to putting my entire LIFE in the cloud? Never. Not now. Not in the future. Never. Because I don't know why people haven't figured it out yet, but when you place your data in the cloud? You're LITERALLY giving TOTAL STRANGERS access to your data. Whether it pics of your grandson by the pool, or you getting your first tattoo, or those embarrassing pics of you at the Christmas party, you're doing the equivalent of walking up to s total stranger on the street, handing him your phone, and giving him access to everything on it. The same applies to banking, or anything else that people seem to be willing to hand over to the cloud-gods! Hahahah!

    Listen its not hard, if you used to do things via pen and paper, and don't feel comfortable doing things online? Well go back to doing things with pen and paper! I don't like paying for things with my card online, I actually prefer Money Orders, or paying cash at a Western Union counter. I have watched too many stories of someone getting their info hijacked and their finances depleted due to some cyber-criminal who outsmarted some banks internal system. If no one has been paying attention? But in the last few years the tech mega giants, the ones who are claiming they're so secure, and are keeping a vigilant watch on their (and your!) data?…these are the same companies that are becoming victims of outages, all manner of hacks and DDoS attacks, redirection of routing information and just all manner of derelict behavior. So no….there will never be a time when I'm going to trust the cloud with my personal data, or maybe.
    In regards to the total reliance on the internet, the silly supposition that it will "always be there"? Only a fool would think this, and like you Tom?…I live in the mountains, and yeah, there's deer and rabbit….so I'm good. LoL! I feel sorry for the city folk who can't live without their StarBucks and Netflix!…

  6. Well, if a registration requires my phone number, I usually don't register. I'll make do without *whatever the service is that wants my phone number*.

  7. Here in the Netherlands we had a internet outage at our local supermarket which causes all the customers to leaf the groceries at the cash register. 20 meter down the street the Turkish local market was out of stock in 10 minutes because they still accept cash. That's why I always make sure to have enough cash on me.

  8. When I first stumbled upon your channel I thought you might have just been some Linux fan boy. I was mistaken, as it ends up you have much more depth. Your videos lately have been great! You're one of the voices out here that truly get it.

  9. "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" ~ Miguel Cervantes
    Very useful saying. It's probably a good idea to have a safe, too, since thieves tend to prefer cash.

  10. Remember the California wildfires and how emergency responders had their "unlimited" data throttled by Verizon? A lot of the people in the fire-affected areas also lost their power and cell towers.

  11. To be fair, all those employees trying to push people to automated services/tellers/cashiers are forced to follow a script from Corporate, and get negative marks for not doing so. I feel bad for them.

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