Five Reasons to Upgrade…or Not


Today we look at five considerations for upgrading or not upgrading your system when a new release is upon you.

1.) Hardware
2.) Is Your System Working?
3.) New Software Versions
4.) Specific New OS Features
5.) Experimental Computers

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28 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Upgrade…or Not

  1. If it weren't for the latest kdenlive releases requiring the packages from the latest version of Ubuntu, I could get away with running Xubuntu 18.04 LTS. I don't need the most bleeding edge software and my days of random distro experimenting have been over for a long time.

  2. My compliments to you on covering a somewhat debatable subject on whether or when it is advisable to upgrade. My personal experience with this verifies that you stand on the issue is worthy of conversation. Some time ago, I was working on a project with Blender 3D where the model that I was creating was at its half way point and moving along in accordance with the workload schedule.
    I upgraded my Blender where cycles render was added by the developers and decided to use it. One thing followed another and the change ruined my model where I lost four hours of work and had to start over. I am now using cycles render with every model but today I am far more cautious with upgrades in the middle of a project. I have gone so far as to use Debian only for my projects whose stability and reliability creates a scenario where such a situation will never occur again. I enjoy very much Arch Linux being a rolling release and having the latest bleeding edge swords in terms of the latest Kernel and so forth but when it comes to actual work I share your informed opinion on the subject of upgrades. So, I use Arch Linux on my second computer but knowing that something might break if I upgrade with it I contain my serious workloads with Debian and do not upgrade it until I am between projects. I have to choose the time and the place for upgrades. We are of like mind with regards to the caution of upgrades and I enjoyed your video very much. My compliments on your contributions in your videos which are always very well done. Keep those fine videos coming.

  3. Would you be interested in making a video showing how to put the LinuxMint XFCE Spin on LMDE when the new version comes out. I don't much care for the Cinnamon version of it. Thanks.

  4. New to Linux but enjoy your videos! Can you guys tell me which distro is the best for someone who is new to linux and seeking the following in the order:
    1. Privacy
    2. Easy to use overall
    3. Customization
    4. Compatibility

  5. Great video. I still run Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, Gnome with Dash to Panel Extension. No need to upgrade. But I ask myself: What is so great with LinuxMint? I cannot understand this hype. I checked out LinuxMint a few times, but after some time of testing, I go back to good old Ubuntu.

  6. This is poor advice. Just run debsecan on 16.04 against 17.10/19.04..
    New versions of the software you have not yet installed; you will install!!
    Not all security and related features can/will be back ported hence you more vulnerable because of a twitch in your mind..
    Even running on testing/non lts debians the software have already gone through beta phases and are stable/more secure to be installed.

  7. Does Linux have poor support for Printers ans Scanners (not necessarily All-in-ones). Do you need driver software from the manufacturers for anything other that the basics?

  8. Am using debian 10 buster
    I have laptop comes with
    Dual graphics card intel hd520
    And Amd radeon r5 m430
    As default debian using intel hd 520 and I want to use Amd r5 m439 how i can do that
    Because I want to use Davinci resolve 16 on my laptop
    Video editor

  9. I have a SIXTH question to ask before upgrading: Has your box reached "End of Life" (EOL) or "End of Support"? An affirmative answer pretty much necessitates an upgrade….

  10. I remember upgrading archlinux couple years ago and and glibc just broke. was quite the headache. I actually switched to another distro after trying for a week to fix my system.

  11. I'm torn. it's certainly faster and more responsive. But… it's got more bugs then 19.2. so…. for me. I'd say no. Maybe wait a while for them to release some bug fixes.

  12. 1:55 'So, if you are running some of the latest cutting edge hardware…'
    I run a 16 year old Pentium 4. It 'does' Mint 18, Peppermint 8, MX 18.3, and, Arch (sudo pacman -Syu'ed, yesterday) – all without a hiccup. I'm happy.

  13. few things I think about:
    how much RAM will the upgrade use and can I match my target 200MB? (100MB target for x86)
    will the upgrade perform better or worse (eg: Xubuntu 18.04 is noticably slower than Xubuntu 16.04)

  14. Still running MX 17.1 myself, is as updated as things will allow me to currently, haven't tried to upgrade the kernel yet, however is probably a good idea… May do that tomorrow

  15. I went up to peppermint 10 on my Toshiba laptop and have mint 19.1 on my core2duo tower and trying live mint 19.2 with my g4400 tower before phasing out windows on that one.

  16. This is crazy! Dell laptop for a client from up North will not boot into the Windows Install flash drive.

    It's not even showing as an option. It's clearly be formatted and set as a GPT partition.

    I've done this countless times over with great success for years.

    I'm using the Windows 10 ISO from MS and the latest Rufus correctly mind you. Wow!!

    I cannot get this hell fire demon spitting computer to cooperate.

  17. Of course I'm gonna upgrade, but even though I have multiple redundant bootable drives, I'm gonna wait a week or two to see if there's any issues that people start screaming about…

  18. 19 and 19.1 also offered kernel 5.0 in update manager. But yeah I'm lookign to do an x570 with 3950x when it's out and supported by Linux kernels. So always messing with the latest in preparation lol

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