49 thoughts on “How to Make a Bootable USB Thumbdrive with Linux Mint 16 And Install It

  1. Hey there! Okay so i installed universal usb drive and Linux Mint everything is good to go lets say i did all the steps and it worked fine everything is great if i remove my USB i will go back to my normal windows 10 right and nothing is changed everything is normal? and if i connect the USB again it willturn linux mint ON? please replay to me thanks

    NOTE: I don't want to lose my LAPTOP 🙁

  2. Ok, so, I was able to create the USB, I was able to go into the BIOS and boot from said USB. The problem is, every time I boot from it I keep getting various error messages. Every time I boot from the USB it's a different error message. I wanted to know what it is that I could be doing wrong. I just want to thank you in advance for any and all help that any one can provide.

  3. all these videos assume you are a windows switcher, i am searching for how to make a bootable usb within linux!

  4. if only they would invest some money into graphical interfaces. cus jeez they are ugly. btw it only took 15 minutes for the OS to download for me so yeah lol.

  5. thank you soon much!!
    I just got the raspberry pi2 and I don't have a micro to normal SD adapter and I needed this on my SD buc I can so I put it on my USB stick and installed to the SD card through the USB!!!

  6. best tutorial ever. u deserve a subs. 
    if you ever want to install Linux Mint. this is the perfect time.
    all you need is a USB and 2 files. pretty simple and straight forward.

  7. Good video. I am using this method for a pos dell m1330 that the cheap optical dvd drive went out. New hd. Crossing fingers to get Linux on it. So far the tutorial has been good. Trying the info and I am a previous mint user on other systems.

  8. you, I did it but had the programs, I downloaded burnAware I had win32DiskImager. Then I made the iso, placed the usb drive, added the iso (post script you need to on the drop down to get iso, the . to see iso then add)and write.

    that's that to erase and use again. you have to go in to manage storage and format drive to get back to a fat drive and keep using if need. P.S. you can do this with pc games too.
    oh yeah you should know this, right click computer manage the stick drive will be the second down drive not the top. That is the pc's or laptop Hard drive

  9. Hey Joe, nice vid. How does one use the whole usb storage capacity? I have 128gb that I'd love to use to make a linux workstation, but Universal USB installer only provides a max persistence layer of 5gb.

    My Flash drive should have 64 gigabytes but when I plug it in, it shows up as UNTILTED and UNTILTED1 each only has 20 migabytes

  11. Hi, when I boot my x64 laptop it gives a message BASH-like…
    then a command >grub
    I've tried to disable other boots form bios, however nothing works

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