How To Record With The Hauppauge HD-PVR In Linux The Easy Way.


Hey guys, it is me Joshua once again with my first video back. In this video I am showing you how to use your Hauppauge HD-PVR to record gameplay or other footage on a Linux operating system platform. It is important to note that for your HD-PVR to work in Linux that you have to have at least the 2.6.30 Linux kernel or newer. This is because the HD-PVR driver is only included in Linux kernel and distros by default on the 2.6.30 release and after. Hopefully you can get your HD-PVR up and running with Linux and keep an eye out for more Linux videos here in the future.

Link to criver compilation how to:


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  1. Great video. I'm gonna locate my old HD-PVR and see if I can get it running in Fedora 25.
    Are you using the latest firmware (March, 2012) or an older firmware? I know I had to downgrade the firmware when I used it on my Mac a couple of years ago.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. My friend and I have been trying to find a way to record the HD PVR output in Linux and this worked perfectly!

  3. Well, I know that sometimes I cannot get my HD-PVR to show up and it takes forever for it to actually work. If it eventually does not, then you will probably have to switch to a different distro or get the updated Ubuntu. Just make sure your kernel version supports the HD-PVR.
    Best of luck.

  4. Well, if it detects it in Windows, then it should do the same in Ubuntu. I haven't personally used Ubuntu for game capture, but I use Mint, which is based of Ubuntu. Did you try using video0 for input into cat?

  5. hm, i unplugged and plugged it in and redid all of the wiring about 4 times and rebooted computer 7 times, it detects it in windows because in arcsoft it shows the device, if i had a faster computer i would use it in windows but since i am more fond of ubuntu and it works faster i need my HD PVR to work on it too..

  6. I would try and "cat" from that and see if it works. It all depends on what video devices you have attached to your Linux box. If video0 does not work, then it has to be video1 or another number. In that case try to make sure that everything is plugged in nice and well, then if you still do not see video1, power cycle your HDPVR and make sure it is plugged in before turning on your computer and xbox / ps3. The HDPVR's have this weird caviot where they do not always act like they are plugged in.

  7. You can use use sudo or another command to elevate your user privileges, but I am not sure why it would say that. The other thing I could think of is that possibly your distro doesn't implement the video the same exact way. That is why I was wondering exactly what you are running.

  8. There are several ways to do this. You could use Audacity (which has a GUI) or there are a ton of command line stuff. Just use the software center. The trick to using CLI apps this way is to make sure that you know what audio device represents, lets say your turtle beachs. After that, it may take a little tweaking, but after that is done, then you can certainly do this quickly.

  9. As far as I know, it does not. This is both according to the MythTv wiki and the official page. Now it is sad but for Linux support, it does take time. Apparently the only reason the original is supported is because the guy who wrote the drivers for Windows was a Linux supporter (for good reason :D). I'm am afraid that for now any one with a HD-PVR 2 is out of luck to Linux. You could try to manually install the iOS driver(s) on your box, but there is a lot that can go wrong quickly with that.

  10. It certainly is possible. I actually tried to use it as an alternative to Total Media Exterme before I knew you could use the command line. The problem I ran into, though, was when I told it what video device to use (video1 in my case) it kept giving me static for some reason. It might be a bug in VLC or that some part of my distro just doesn't play nice with VLC, but I could not get it working to save my life. I can fiddle around with it more and let you know if I can get anything working.

  11. I keep putting in the exact command you are putting in yourself but of coarse in my own video recording folder and I keep getting a message afterwards that says Invalid Argument it has worked before but it's stopped working now any suggestions?

  12. Nah, I wouldn't say werid. I would say that tutorials can be very helpful and a lot of people underestimate the value that videos can bring to any learning experience.I would say that you recognize the potential to learn! Keep an eye out man, I have got a lot of gameplay in which I need to com over, so I should be getting a gameplay out very soon! Thanks for watching and sticking around as well.

  13. Yes, I think I would love iOSX as well as it is Unix derived. My only gripe could be the fact that like all other propritory software, they'd limit what you can do. I made this video partly to show people that Linux has solutions to about every computing need and in some cases can be even more efficient (which I think a lot of command line stuff is!) Thanks for watching man!

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