49 thoughts on “Huawei MateBook X Pro with Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

  1. I bought a surface go to run ubuntu on and replace my ipad… well figured out ubuntu is not even close to be near the ipad in touch usability.

  2. It is a highend 2 in 1 notebook with a 3K IPS display a mobile i7 and dedicated MX150 graphics card in an aluminium shell. 2 in 1 Notebooks are IMHO notorious for being overpriced and combining the worst aspects of notebooks and tablets.

  3. FYI Brad, vanilla Ubuntu works overall ok on touchscreens, but the quirk you pointed out eg; the tile on the bottom that seemed as you described as a "double tap" does work in another method. What I have found with the non-responsiveness of this function works better when you hold your finger on it for a couple of seconds to bring the dash up vs just a tap. Yes it's annoying, but it worked for me on a DELL Inspiron 3567 with touch screen I use to test distros.

  4. Watched thru til the end waiting to find out about the most important criteria — battery life, only to hear you say that’s someone else’s job. Thx for nothin 🙁

  5. Great video mate! Are your fans running wide open continuously with Ubuntu? I have read that running other OS's(OS X, Linux, etc.) causes the fans and the gpu to run wide open 100% of the time, thereby draining the battery. Have you found this to be true?

  6. M$ has modified Windows 10 in a way that disables the <F12> and <F2> keys. You can only boot an USB stick after starting Windows. As a long time Linux exclusively user, I find Windows 10 impossible to use. I feel absolutely raped by M$ when they take over the BIOS. It's completely disgusting.

  7. I couldn't get Ubuntu 18.10 to work with this laptop. Soon after installing and rebooting it froze, the trackpad never worked at all. What's the workaround for that? Could it be the nvidia MX150 drivers?

  8. Great Video! Sounds like the stuff that isn't working can be programmed to be working. Had similar issues with xubuntu.
    For Ubuntu 18:
    – Mute -> amixer set Master toggle
    – Wireless -> probably a script to toggle on and off the network device.

    If you use linux anyways, doubt you're in for the touchscreen 🙂

  9. I often find with gnome if you hold down the menu button it will bring up the app window more like it should. Each distro that uses gnome seems to vary in this area probably x11 vs wayland..anyway something to try

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