Intel Pentium 3 in 2019 Running Modern Windows and Linux – Prepare for Lag


Today we are going to take a look at two modern operating systems running on an IBM eserver xseries 220 server. This isn’t just any Pentium 3 desktop, this machine is equipped with dual processors, can take up to 4GB of RAM, and has a ton of internal expansion options. Let’s see if this 2001 behemoth can handle Windows 7 and Xubuntu in a nearly stock configuration.

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26 thoughts on “Intel Pentium 3 in 2019 Running Modern Windows and Linux – Prepare for Lag

  1. I'm curious what happens if you try to use Alpine Linux. It is designed for small embedded designs like routers etc. It runs very quick and maybe you could try to host a leightweight http/mail server or something similar.

  2. There was a time when I tried to play 1080 video (H264) on a 2x Tualatin 1400 o/c to 1500 with the fastest Geforce and Radeon AGP cards available. I can declare it is not possible to play 1080 video (and this was 30FPS by the way) on a Pentium III system, no matter what you do or how hard you try. It is only possible on a P4 which is a shame as P4 is a horrible architecture anyways, basically it is the same old pentium architecture with just a beefed up clocks and few new features here and there, but a disaster anyways. As for browsing the internet, PIII limitation really is the lack of SSE2 or higher, required nowadays. What I want to say is that I tried too, but unfortunately, PIII is not usable for any sort of modern media content, it just won't handle it.

  3. that server tower, i would remove the hardware, put newer hardware and paint it black, make a window, on the left panel, make it a bit more modern, those cases are made to last forever

  4. Hopefully this rig has an agp as the pci doesn't have the bandwidth to cope. I think that's where most of the lag is coming from as the cpus have to compensate for the rendering of the websites etc.

  5. Wish there were more scans of the free catalogs they had at the time filled with store adverts and prices, microtimes etc, because 4GB of ram back then must have cost as much as a nice car.

  6. 🙂 have u tried any used older ATI or HD or Radeon cards? i remember hearing on a retro channel that they sometimes work better on ancient pcs, try an HD7570 or HD5670 or maybe something like a V4800 😀

  7. I've been using a single core pentium 3 with 512mb ram as my main pc until summer of 2017, because I dint have money to upgrade. The system still works to this day, but thankfully, I've finally upgraded

  8. I wonder if the new modern video cards use a 64bit initialization firmware making it impossible to post on a 32bit cpu. I guess if you had a Core Duo (not Core 2) you could see if it posts since that's a 32bit processor.

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