Linux Code of Conduct – The Other Shoe Has Dropped


With Linus Torvalds stepping down as leader of the Kernel Dev Team and a new code of conduct being rushed in to replace the old code of conflict, some kind of resistance was inevitable from some members of the Kernel team.

One possible action for developers who are removed from the team is to use the power to rescind copyright of the code they have contributed to the Linux kernel. This has been referred to as the nuclear option. The question is, will it be used?

Linux Torvalds Leaving the Dev Team

Linux developers threaten to pull “kill switch”

Linux developers threaten to pull “kill switch”

Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct

A Plea to Unfuck our Codes of Conduct


34 thoughts on “Linux Code of Conduct – The Other Shoe Has Dropped

  1. SJWs cannot "make equality" or "make diversity" in programming.

    If your code is good, then you're good.

    It has nothing to do with whether you are black, white, male, female, purple, salad crouton attack helicopter, or whatever ridiculous inclusion you can think of.

  2. if you think men can behave badly…. you have no idea how badly a entitled enraged millennial 3rd wave feminist can behave. i have a few 2nd wave feminist friends, and the discussions we have are civil, interesting, and educational for both sides. ideas of what can be done for suffering women in places with sharia law and the like for example are pretty powerful topics that merit attention. i have also spoken to this new generation of whatever the hell they think they are, but it most certainly is not feminism. there is no discussion to be had. a simple polite conversation is nowhere to be seen. no matter how respectful you are (and i most certainly try to be) it always ends up with him/her (or just insert pronoun because i might "offend" someone) screaming at you, insulting you, and your intelligence in the hopes to provoke a reaction so she can "prove" her point when you do react.

    i try to avoid generalizing people, but they seem to do it to themselves by creating a sort of hive mind. repeating the same argument over and over again. sort of what trump does to convince people that "noone knows more about building walls than me".

    to conclude. the people that are forcing this version of the coc are generally unstable, self entitled children in my opinion. should there be a coc, its a nice thing to have, but it has to be ironclad in the sense that it cannot be used as a weapon. buddy, you want to contribute to the kernel, you better be linus level good.

    note: while i have never dared to try to contribute to the kernel, i have tried on a few projects that caught my fancy. i was rejected many times, i have become a better developer by taking that feedback. some was rude, but it was honest. i respect that honesty more than anything. it showed me where the bar is. the rest was up to me. git gud bruv. at no time did anyone know, ask or care about my age, gender, race, creed, religion.

  3. Look at that! FreeBSD got a new batch of users…
    Also, it would be best to have a true meritocracy. It is true that a force for leading roles is a good thing. The said white males are still allowed to code and participate. But SOME of them need to step down. Even though the new CC is not very diplomatic. I think this is the goal.

  4. pull. the. code. this is blatant, fascist, racism. and it's about time we tell the government we're not willing to take this shit anymore, which destroying their entire system will most surely do perfectly. like seriously man, stop trying to give this the benefit of the doubt, stop taking it with a grain of salt. it's blatant racism. and I don't want to hear from any of the "it's reverse racism" idiots. there's no such thing, either you're racist or you're not. there's no grey area with racism.

    side note, 12:59 for reference, no it benefits those with a little bit of technical knowledge. I'm sorry you're fucking stupid.

  5. Ummmm… GNU existed before linus, and linux developers are all over the world (a great many of them in central and south america, china, russia, and africa). This SJW battle is not a global battle, it's a symptom of middle class US and western euro SJWs throwing a fit. They have no power over linux, and if a takeover happened it would be isolated. IOW we'd lose some english speakers, and the rest would go on.

  6. Why is it that great technology and science are always hampered by the introduction of racism, homophobia, L-R politics and other bullshit? For crying out loud, even copyright law and Patent law is a work of fiction that fraudulently assigns any monetary rewards to an entity other than the inventor.

  7. In essence, they are solving an impossible task by irrationally using industrial grade flamethrowers to burn down the trees of the forest; All just to make room for the flowers of the flower pot…

  8. This Political Correctness BULLSHIT is just that Fucking Bullshit. Must be gay? Must be a person of color? What a bunch of BULLSHIT. Making up Stupid Gender Descriptions is so ridiculous it makes me want to end my life long tolerance. What a pile of garbage from the LBGT "community."

  9. More globalist marxist BS to divide and conquer. They care nothing for equality of opportunity. They are rich control freaks who are at war with middle class white christian nationalist males.
    We must stand up and reject the takeover, otherwise reject the product.

  10. It is untrue that after releasing source code under exact license , you can take it back .
    You can only re-release your own code under the new license, but existing code in the project, your or by others, that is already published under clear license,
    can not be taken back by any means, so your and other's code is safe by SJW insanity and basically, only thing that matters and you need to know is GPL license.
    Linux specifically had a moment when it changed license from GPL2 to GPL2-only, that required all previous contributors to agree or to write replacement source code. But that is requirement only if one changes license for the whole project, but usually it stays the same during the lifetime of a project.
    This of course have nothing to do with "code of conduct" that is not the source code at all, it is way of useless people to impose their political fascist agendas on technical people, that leads to death of projects.
    Hurting people by thinking you do something against hurting people, is what political BS is.

  11. The door was never closed to anyone.
    If you wanted to contribute, there was nothing stopping you, no matter who or what you are.

    These people just created a problem that never existed previously.

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