Linux Kernel on Windows | What Microsoft is Doing


In this video, I am going over what Microsoft is doing with the Linux Kernel on Windows.

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45 thoughts on “Linux Kernel on Windows | What Microsoft is Doing

  1. Actually Azure has been offering Linux servers for years now. The premise that Microsoft would never just run off Linux for at least some things is a bit alarmist: Let's not forget that Satya Nadella, current CEO, was in charge of Azure before and the future of Microsoft isn't selling operative systems or even software, it's their cloud based solutions and selling services, not products.

    So keep this in the back pocket but in a few years both Google and Apple will gain even more ground, personal computers will be more of a smaller niche for developers and IT professionals and Windows might become a very custom, sequestered version of Linux and/or Linux clone not unlike Android for Google.

    This is probably not within 5 or 10 years but think ahead, this is what trends indicate today: tablets and cellphones will fully replace consumer electronic uses for PC desktops and laptops and only the professional side remains and as I said: they are already in the business of accessing and supporting Linux on Azure so it makes sense Windows 10 has full Linux Kernel and tools right there.

  2. Microsoft is panicking. Valve supports Linux, I"m sure Apple supports Linux. Windows is a mansion built on quicksand. I don't see them switching it to Linux kernal, and even if they do, it wouldn't fix any of the major issues Windows has. I feel like Microsoft is trying to find any piece of scrap to nail unto their boat to stop it from sinking the already flooded ship.

  3. Linux is the most used OS on Azure platform (which is built on top of MS tech stack), which is hilarious in itself. This move is there to have better integration with their cloud services and development for Linux/enterprise on windows platform. This is certainly a long game they are playing to gain a foothold in a war they desperately have to be in against Amazon and AWS

  4. Hey can u help with how to manage the drivers in laptops with amd graphics + amd processor ? The animations in gnome is still not fluid in my laptop ..gnome 3.32 with latest mesa

  5. They are trying to do the opposite of what we are trying to do.
    Being watching the new windows terminal and to be honest the presentation was fantastic.
    Note from personal experiance: if you are trying to install linux on a gigabyte brix s, use a stick upto 4gigs. Otherwise it wont boot 🤔

  6. Out of curiosity I tried out Powershell.
    "ls > test"
    On Windows it generates the text-file (cool) but doubleclick on that "test"-file in the folder and Windows doesn't know what to do with it, it doesn't even 'know' that it is a text file and that Notepad can open it. 🙂
    A good example of how anything what looks like Linux works on Windows vs on Linux?

    On MS <3 Linux? Sure, they get a lot of profit from their cloud services (Azure, OneDrive, MS Office), they need to be involved in it. Simple as that. I do appreciate though that MS sells Cuphead on GOG and their other games on Steam, they did improve a bit. A bit!!

  7. It's.. meh. Still running on a heavy OS. Windows main goal here is to become a one stop platform where you don't have to leave the windows OS to access Linux tools. Kali works okay on it, but don't try and run it on a company laptop with monitoring software on it. Lol. Every package will be quarantined.

  8. they don't need to abandon it what they could do it throw away fat32 for ext4 so its more modern and also release a linux version of windows might also be a good idea

  9. Quite honestly with Microsoft's track record, I think they are going to screw this up so bad. Linux functionality in Windows is an interesting idea but I don't think it will work well in practice. I think there will be to many conflicts with the Windows kernel. I think if Microsoft want's to introduce Linux in windows they need to make it their main kernel. They could create a hybrid between a Windows and Linux kernel so they can maintain all their other compatibility. but that is my take on that.

    P.S. I'm still trying to figure out Technic Launcher. I don't understand why it won't work LOL. I keep getting exit code 0. I'll continue to work on it, if you have any ideas let me know. Also you can call me penguin here too, I'm probably going to sync my usernames up so they are all basically the same soon.

  10. Unless Microsoft can find a way to maintain an amount of profit while cutting the costs of maintaining the monstrosity that is windows they won't go some version of Linux.

  11. To all who are writing in comments that their motto is embrace extend extinguish, it was never proven that it was their motto but it came out around time of when america wanted to split microsoft for being a monopoly and at the time thes had a mentality of embrace extend which ended around the time of c#

  12. What are they up to? Well, they went through "Linux is a cancer!" and they tried to kill it and couldn't. And their own tech heads would have explained to them that 500 / 500 of the top 500 supercomputers in the world, run on Linux – and there's KFCUN GOOD REASON for that! So I think … some time in the first year of their current Indian CEO (who is not Steve Balmer or Bill Gates) he's said we can't beat them and we should stop trying. The thing to do, is buy our way in, and get a seat or ten at the top table, and then make some future version of Windows on top of Linux, exactly like Android. Because the alternative is to be in direct conflict with the group that is and must be the eventual winner. Not only is it a technically better system, but look at the big players who help build it. Forget the back-yard hobby boys and the scout master, who writes Linux?
    IBM, RedHat, AT&T, Bell Labs. Berkeley University. Oracle. Intel. AMD. ARM. The U$ military and their civilian defence partners, and they use a slightly tweaked version of RHEL as the host OS in all the U$ nuclear attack subs built since the late '90s. The whole US military network runs on Linux. Most of the internet runs on Linux. The world's financial markets run on Linux, the world's air traffic control systems…. Youtube – google – Android….

    The aberration, the weird one, that's Windows. There's also the Apple OSs, but those are very closely based on Unix and Linux. They got there themselves, by a slightly different route, but inside, the Apple OS is pretty much Linux. The one odd man out, that's Windows.

    Windows will join the club. They'll just do it in their own good time, and with much distraction and disinformation, much "OH look! Isn't that a flock-a beers?" And if and when somebody challenges them, it'll be a case of "Well we've been building this, to keep developers and geeks happy, for over a decade. It's not any secret. Did you know how much money we donated to the Linux Foundation over the last decade?"

    They're climbing on board because they can't fkcun win. So they're buying their way into the side that's going to win.

  13. To making windows more easy to code and more secure. Even more Linux and android friendly well done Microsoft good choice .dos is just out dated and more easy to hack

  14. what?everybody that uses win 10 is gonna have problems? company runs several win 10 ,2 linux and 1 free bsd.we don't have anywhere near the problems from win 10.the other 3 are a constant nightmare.

  15. I wouldn't bother using it. Why put something great on a shaky and bloated foundation? Might as well build a Microsoft version of an actual Linux distro, that would be easier and less buggy to begin with.

  16. AFAIK…

    WSL 1 is a compatiblity layer allowing you to run Linux ELF binaries on windows by translating linux system call to windows equivalents and adding other necessary glue to make it work.

    WSL 2 is a system that allows you to run a linux kernel using Hyper-V virtualization and on top of that they added some magic to integrate it with windows.

    WSL 1 has many limitations, WSL 2 should be able to be more or less 100% compatible with linux. WSL 2 for example allows you to run native linux docker which would be a huge advantage for many developers which i believe is their main target for this (at this point).

  17. And will be another karma for Windows trolling users, when 1903 came out and will be big disaster then they will scream that it's Linux kernel fault xD They same don't know how to do with their child… Add this, add that, 7gb more space for updates.. good that in few months ago leave that circus… It's crazy

    And another question, why implement something , what is in users mind named as geek's only, without good software and games ? They fear something at 2020?

  18. I'm kinda torn about this. That dumpster fire they call Windows 10 shouldn't be associated to Linux in any way shape or form. On the other hand, Linux on Windows could be useful and productive! If this move will bring more light to Linux, it's good. But then again, who would want to run pure Linux when you have it on Windows? Not a win-win situation…

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