Linux Mail Server Configuration Step by Step


In this video, i have described Linux Mail Server Configuration Step by Step, after watching this video, you will be able to run a fully functional mail server by Installing postfix, dovecot and squirrelmail. Postfix is a MTA or Mail Transfer Agent or Mail server, which only send and receives mail, but it cannot deliver mail to clients device, that’s why we need dovecot like software which is a Delivery agent and client can download mail to their mobile or desktop by using it, dovecot server implements POP/Imap, which is required for mail download, for remote access of our mail we can access it through webmail, i have configured here most popular webmail squirrelmail. Thanks for Watching.

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18 thoughts on “Linux Mail Server Configuration Step by Step

  1. How did you set the user email You just started using the email address to send email but one cannot see where and when it was setup.
    Did you set the email by magic or what? you showed how the aliases email are set but you could not show where that email came in existence

  2. Very good video. @Minute 31.00, I think its bad idea to set mynetworks to allow lan nodes to relay mail through Postfix. Its not advisable and also not needed to allow them.

  3. Can I create a private mail server for a private domain which is running on BIND and its not registered with domain Registry..because I want to create a private network.

  4. I followed your tutorial and all are work fine.. I tried to enumerate user name using VRFY. I tried exist and not exist user but I got same results(252 2.0.0 sdds) for all my tried. Is it any issue in my configuration? How can I configure for VRFY enumerate ?

  5. Hey there, I really liked this video. I need to create a temporary email service or website with disposable email system on CentOS 7. Can you please help me with the server configuration? It would really be so much helpful for me. Thanks a lot 🙂

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