Linux Mint 19 2 XFCE The GoTo Pocket Rocket For New Users


The Linux Mint team has published an update to the distribution’s 19.x series. The new version, Linux Mint 19.2, is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, offering five years of support. The new update offers several user interface improvements. For instance, it is now possible to configure the width overlay scrollbars, and programs with the same name show up with added descriptions in the application menu so that users can tell X-Apps from GNOME programs and Flatpaks from Deb packages. “The application menu is faster and it now identifies and distinguishes duplicates. If two applications have the same name, the menu will show more information about them. In your application menu, Xed is the ‘Text Editor’. If you install Gedit, you no longer end up with two ‘Text Editor’ entries. Instead, you’ll see ‘Text Editor (Xed)’ and ‘Text Editor (Gedit)’. The same goes for Flatpaks, if you install the Flatpak of an application you already have, the menu will distinguish between the two to let you know which one is the one from the repositories and which one is the Flatpak.

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