Linux on a 486? In 2019?!


This is a clip from Linux Thursday, originally aired on Sep 12, 2019.

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14 thoughts on “Linux on a 486? In 2019?!

  1. Some guy told me a while back that he had a 486 using 4 GB RAM. He did explain how he he got the motherboard to accept so much and how the software (Win95 over DOS but the point of the conversation was he was going to attempt to swap to an old version of Redhat he has on disc; I don't know if he did) could see/use the extra memory but I honestly did not understand- it went right over my head. Either he was using a Rasp Pi as an example to explain or he was saying that he somehow incorporated a Pi to fool the motherbd or something like that.

    Or he was talking twaddle. That's also a possibility.

  2. I have few amd k7 cpus Athlon 1500 to 2200 can't remember exactly and i can't seem to find a distro exept puppy linux that runs on almost everything i tried it.

  3. Theoretical limit of memory for 486 is 4GB. But I do not think that was possible in practice, It would be hard to find motherboard supporting more than 128MB. And that is just not enough for any modern distro. You can fake it with swap, but the boot times would be hours.

  4. I was about to comment about some guy who booted Debian Jessie on an Amiga 600 m68k CPU but it was 4 years ago. Still nice to see System D taking 10 minutes to load on an old machine like an Amiga 600.

  5. There's a video by yeokm1 running Gentoo on a 486 in 2018.
    I believe the distro AOSC OS runs on 486s with SystemD even seen somewhere on the r/linux reddit.

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