Linux Spotlight EP13 – Chris Titus


Hello I am your host Rocco and our special guest today is Chris Titus

Chris has one of the fastest growing Linux YouTube channels and has put a ton of time and effort into his channel by not only creating a studio at home but also uploading over 340 videos in the last nine months. Chris is a huge Linux advocate and we had a great conversation!

So join me now as we turn the spotlight on!

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6 thoughts on “Linux Spotlight EP13 – Chris Titus

  1. Look guys there is one thing that we miss when we say linux needs "marketing". As you achieve grande wizard status you will see that marketing is just another word for lying. The ultimate expression of marketing is akin to brainwashing. We don't need marketing we need advocacy. "Focus on the positives" also involves "cover-up the negatives" to an extent. Honesty is the best policy especially in this case.

    We don't need to use the masters whip on ourselves. Just advocate for freedom and universal access. They will come around.

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