Linux Spotlight EP17 – Nathan Wolf (CubicleNate)


This week I get to talk to CubicleNate about how he got that name and how he got started with Linux. No conversation with Nate would be complete without hearing about OpenSuse which we talk about but we also get into what he is currently working on, so don’t miss it!

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17 thoughts on “Linux Spotlight EP17 – Nathan Wolf (CubicleNate)

  1. Nate, I like your idea of a fitness app! And I also ❤ the sound of my C64 purring!!!! 😍. And have enjoyed seeing pics of your vintage computer setup!! You are amazing Nate!! 😂 Awesome interview again Rocco!

  2. CubicalNate I remember trying to update the personnel manuals in the Navy. My job revolved around those things to fill out reports from my main job deserters to fatal casualties which no one liked to do…….

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