Linux Terminal Basics 1 | Working with Text


I show you how to use simple tools to generate and manipulate text in a Linux terminal. Included are echo,cat,more/less, nano and GUI based text editing from a terminal.

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20 thoughts on “Linux Terminal Basics 1 | Working with Text

  1. Excellent tutorial… A review for me, but again I really like the order that you present the concepts. Also best practices so start out with good habits for less pain hopefully later, LOLz. Too many people hop right into a bash editor like nano first. Also, your terminal emulator (putty ? :D) does the same as mine by color coding executable files in green. Yes, in bash, less IS more than more. Cool t-shirt idea, ~Bests

  2. Hi Joe thank you for taking the time to make these informative educational Linux how-to video tutorials. Please continue your good work in the world of Linux.

  3. Hello Mr Joe. Your channel is my go to resource for all things linux. And I can't thank you enough for all your effort.

    Can you please explain why Unity desktop was so hated in a community that promotes choice and freedom? I understand some tidbits of it like, the internal politics between Gnome foundation and Canonical, Unity being part of project Convergence that's goal was to bring Ubuntu to mobile (hence not being fully optimized for desktop) and Unity being built on top of aging tech like Compiz. I also understand why users didn't like it, because they are used to the old way of how desktop environment work and they think virtual desktops are the way to be more productive ( -_- ) and they don't like change. What I don't understand is the internal politics part.

    I am very late to linux hype train as my first distro was 16.04 LTS, so I have missed a lot of drama surrounding the whole situation. But I really like the design philosophy and the experience it provided. So much so, that I am willing to implement that same philosophy to my own project's UI/UX side of thing.

    You have been around all this all the time and obviously see things as somebody who also liked the experience of experience of Unity desktop. Can you please tell me about the internal politics of Gnome foundation and Canonical? I feel like that's the main and sole reason Unity development stopped. That's more evident with what Purism is doing with Librem 5 and KDE phone, bringing Gnome to phone.

  4. The letter, between "cat ? more" what is the name and how do I write that one. I need it to write my own commands instead of copy and paste, not a good habit, and the worst part,, I don't even know the name.

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