Linux Thursday – Dec 27, 2018 – We’re In This Together Edition


Topics include: What company is most detrimental to FOSS, What first got me to try Linux, Sailfish OS, the Dragonbox Pyra handheld, corporate buyout of Linux, What if Git had never been created, Should all Web Browsers use the same engine, The importance of passing along Linux (and computing) history… and a small boat-load of other Linux-y questions.

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31 thoughts on “Linux Thursday – Dec 27, 2018 – We’re In This Together Edition

  1. I'm not a huge fan of Adobe software, however I . would like to see Adobe make software for Linux. But I do think that the problem lies in which distro would they officially support.

  2. By the way Lunduke ! as you know the first MSDos where a garage project that Bill Gates bought from the guy who made it , and got IBM to sell there computers with the DOS preinstalled. Thats how Microsoft got started. Then about Linux, there are a lot of flavors of Linux. That can only be a god thing because people have their own taste and there is a Linux that suits anyone. thst can only be a strengh of the Linux world. I am so tired of people fighting over what is the best OS, that has always been the case ever since we had more then one model of computers out there.

  3. I'd say the problem with browsers is these days we do not "browse" the HTML anymore, we are executing (running) myriads of javascript applications coming from who knows where, on our hardware in our virtual environments (much similar to former Java applets, really). We don't use browsers, we use VirtualBoxes.

  4. Just have to say i started with the Commodore C64, then moved on to the Amiga and stayd there for the longest time, but as less and less software came to the Amiga i got the PC, that was when XP
    was new, as soon as i got windows i dove in to the Linux world running dual boot system on the PC, right now i have one hardrive with Windows 10 and another with a linux version called "Feren OS KDE Expperimental", still use the windows because im running with another guy a Arma 3 Exile server. The thing is thoe i have great hopes for Steams Proton experiment and hope it gets good enough to be able to get Arma updates at the same time you get them on Windows, then no more windows ever on my computer. But the point is, for me the Workbench still is the best OS i ever had.

  5. Most evil/detrimental to FOSS between Microsoft, Google (Alphabet), IBM and Adobe? I'd say it's Adobe, indirectly, because having their products available for GNU/Linux operating systems would allow a lot more people to benefit from what the most popular distros have to offer. So it's not evil, but detrimental. Google is just doing business with software based on GPL, which is perfectly legal and not imoral. Sure, I wish they would put out more free software, but that's a different story.

  6. Geezuz! I just spent a couple of days installing and experimenting with Ubuntu to get away from M$ software. How poetic it would be if M$ now bought Canonical?!? But, the last thing I installed on my Ubuntu box just earlier this afternoon was SQL Server 2017. I sort of thought that was poetic justice since M$ kind of scarfed the RDBMS away from Sybase. Gawd! I must be some kind of closed source whore for not installing MySQL or PostGreSQL, instead. 😛

  7. 18:56 nice F-Droid shoutout. I’ve been using this FLOSS appstore-app since 2014 almost exclusively. My favorite apps from there are: LesserPad (editor), Mathdroid (calculator), Offline Calendar (Google-free), obsqr + Barcode Scanner, amaze (file utility), Search Light (torch), Autostarts (boot mgmt), charmap + Unicode Map, DiskUsage and Sokoban (sole game on my Moto G). Cheers!

  8. On Jason's question:

    For me it was a combination of "I don't like proprietary software", "I don't like Microsoft's obsession with data collection", "I wish I had a better environment for programming", and finally "Windows' update mechanism is intrusive garbage and I hate it."

  9. IBM didn’t exactly tap M$ on the shoulder. More like Bill’s mom scored him a meeting with their executive team thanks to personal relationships through her participation in the UNICEF Charity; whereby, he sold them a piece of software that he didn’t actually own.

  10. Canonical getting bought out by Google would be a dream come true. Imagine "Gubuntu", an Ubuntu clone that has tight integration with Google (like Chrome and Android), allowing one to save system and application settings to your Google account, allowing one to easily keep in sync no matter where it's installed.

  11. Old git here (64). You know this already – queue (ie body in a line to use) to use limited card punch machines, hand in deck of punched cards to be run overnight. Tomorrow you can figure out why your program failed. Fix it, and tomorrow do the same again. And all this under the pressure of trying to get it out of the way so you can get on with the rest of your maths (or any other) degree course. When 1975. Happy New Year to you all 🙂

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