Linux Thursday – Sep 12, 2019 – Linux on a 486


Linux Thursday – Sep 12, 2019
Topics include: Linux on a 486, Abiword, Corporations changing the face of Linux, Non-Linux GNU-based systems, headless Linux installs, ratpoison is the worst piece of software ever, security vs usability, GPL software using proprietary components.

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13 thoughts on “Linux Thursday – Sep 12, 2019 – Linux on a 486

  1. I installed Lubuntu 32bit on my old Pentium 3 with 1 Ghz Sony Vaio PCG-GR214MP with dedicated ATI Graphics with 16MB VRAM, i expanded the ram from 256mb to 512mb and installed a newer spinning harddrive, works pretty good, i was surprised.

  2. Having a settings switch optimised for either security or usability (or more fine-grained controls from babe-in-the woods to hurt-me-plenty) would be nice, so you can select what defaults you want. And you could have an advanced tab for individual services.

  3. And xterm and other terminal emulators are indeed brilliant. I usually keep one open for a little bashing, which I do in between browsing. Not like in the old days of twenty years back, but I can still do a little scripting if I need it.

  4. Ah yes, Linux has essentially won at this point. Replacing it with the Hurd would be like replacing TCP/IP with OSI, competing with a massive installed base. The BSDs couldn't do it, and they've been in active development all this time.

  5. My 486 had 16 megs of ram, and it was super high memory for the time (16x1mb 30pin simms,) most of them had 8mb or less. Even my Pentium 150 started out with only 8mb of ram until I saved up the $600 to buy 16mb of ram for it.

    I think LFS might be more fun for 486 use, the first time I built LFS was on a Pentium II with about 64mb of ram. It would be fun to see if you could get modern linux running on a 68060 computer.

  6. I used to run linux on a 486 and recently I managed to get Slackware 3.2 going in Virtualbox using 486 specs, so it can be done. OK, it's not a real 486 and it's only kernel 2.0.9, but that's as far as I'm going!

  7. Meh… trying abiword again and it looks like it lacks some functions for flowing texts around images that I tend to use. For plain words it looks great though.

  8. The end result of large scale corporate involvement is that their ideas of software development will be implemented in Linux and the kernel. So, GNU/Linux will become progressively less open and will progressively resemble Microsoft and IBM in its structure and feel. The user will have less and less control over the system which is occurring currently with Ubuntu in the name is security.

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