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This is a tour of my workspace/workflow for doing small-scale video production on Linux including some of the accessories, shortcuts and software that I use on a regular basis.
You can check out some of my gear at the links below.
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Satechi Aluminium Bluetooth Keyboard:

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8 thoughts on “Linux Video Editing Workflow & Accessories Tour – InfinitelyGalactic

  1. This is a long one I realise, but it's broken down into three sections: Intro, the devices on the desk (adapters, keyboard, laptop etc), and then the software process (editing, audio sync, keyboard shortcuts, thumbnails, audio recording etc.). Hopefully there's something for everyone – and you can find more info about the other gear I use in the description. Solus 4 review, and a bluetooth headphone roundup coming up soon!

  2. You have one of the best macOS cosplays I've seen. Lots of users fail on the small details, but you nailed them all down. Using SF fonts? And what is the GTK theme?

  3. Fetishzing keyboards is one of the funniest things. I work digitally my whole life and I only use cheapo MS keyboards. You don't buy a keyboard like that for "functionality", anything else it's worse than a cheap one, you buy a keyboard like that for looks. Be honest.

  4. I wish I could use Linux, but my laptop hard drive is locked in a way where I can’t boot off of USB drives at all. Damn Dell making backdoor deals with Microsoft.

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