Master Linux with Puppet | LAS | s26e03


Puppet is an an open source configuration management tool that our friend Allan uses every single day. He joins us to discuss this free tool that can help you manage 1 to thousands of Linux boxes.

Then a look at Linux Mint Debian Edition, Fedora’s Wayland strategy, some Kickstarter games that look great…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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42 thoughts on “Master Linux with Puppet | LAS | s26e03

  1. I switched to Ting in late November. I love it! My phone bill hovers around $18 including taxes and everything. I would suggest Ting to anybody 😀

  2. I don't know if I would able to try and do a bitcoin show but I would love for you guys to do a show on bitcoins and how to get started mining and whatnot. It is something I have started looking at getting into.

  3. Wayland has legacy support through Xwayland. They knew some it'll take sometime for applications to get ported and some may never be ported. You only really need the DE to support wayland. With KDE and Gnome well on the way, distro's will able to release with wayland within 12mths.

  4. If ubuntu did not support china in this endeavour china would do it without them, so… might as well make some money. Lets hope it is all open (though I doubt it will be)

  5. I still can't believe people in the US get charged for tethering and mobile hotspot. Are they going to charge you for bluetooth pairing and use of the front camera as well?

  6. I can address your concerns in two parts. 🙂

    We promote products we use ourselves and think offer value. We will NEVER promote junk we won't use ourselves. Ting does a multitude of things that other carriers simply aren't doing. Goes way, way beyond contract free plans — tip of a much larger iceberg. Watch very carefully, you missed a number of key points that excite us.

    Point two, we work to keep it fresh by mixing it up a bit. So the "length" varies to get our points across, like segments.

  7. I appreciate the concern, however I am a man who doesn't speak because he likes the sound of his own voice. When I need to say something, trust me — I do — quality, not quantity. 😉

  8. You should also check out SALT.

    It runs with ZeroMQ over python and the config files are in YAML. Templating is achieve with a number of possibilities including my favorite JINJA.

    I admin a good number of ArchLinux Boxes with it and I could be happier.

  9. 0:38:55 for puppet, thank you guys! I'm Alejandro who wrote for TechSnap about puppet and here you are with a great explanation! awesome!

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