Operating Systems that are GNU… but not Linux


This is a clip from Linux Thursday, originally aired on Sep 12, 2019.

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20 thoughts on “Operating Systems that are GNU… but not Linux

  1. I love me some MacOS/OSX "you can take my Macs from my cold dead hands" and I love me some linux while you're plucking my Macs keep in mind my Linux box has been shielded by my body…anyway a Mac with homebrew is probably the best Swiss Army Knife computer..want nano brew cask install nano, want emacs it's a brew cask install away. The reality is I can install just about every GNU tool on my Mac while simply ignoring speech and taking the beer which RMS wouldn't like very much and what IMHO the question was really asking. Is there a free GNU OS that isn't Linux based since I don't think Haiku and the various BSD's are really free as RMS intends the answer is no, hail the Linux Kernel isn't as free as RMS intends. While I nod every time snagglebeard talks, back in real land I need to share my .psd's and my .ai's with my peers and the GarageBand -> iMovie -> YouTube integration for our daily podcast is hard to ignore in a production environment.

    In end my "cloud" is my server hooked to my router on my domain all of which is free speech but I need my free beer and my proprietary beer to get along in the world

  2. This was mostly to joke about the whole "There's no system but GNU; And Linux is one of it's kernels" from the Church of Emacs, but I am so glad it ended up in a "Haiku is awesome" talk 😂

  3. GNU/Linux is King and I think it always will be. Why try to reinvent the wheel? BTW, I use Linux Mint Mate. I love playing around with Haiku to track their progress.

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