Positive in the Freedom Dimension | LINUX Unplugged 319


Richard Stallman has resigned as president and director of the Free Software Foundation, and that’s just one of the major shifts this week.

Also what makes Manjaro unique? We chat with one of the founders and find out why it’s much more than a desktop environment.

00:00:00 Pre-show
00:01:10 Intro
00:02:28 Richard Stallman Resigns
00:08:28 First 64-bit Pi 4 OS
00:11:14 Nextcloud 17
00:12:55 Powershell on Linux
00:21:53 Housekeeping
00:24:47 Future of Manjaro
00:43:15 New Kernel Goodies
00:48:31 App pick: ClipGrab
00:51:33 Post-show

Show Notes & Download: https://linuxunplugged.com/319

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6 thoughts on “Positive in the Freedom Dimension | LINUX Unplugged 319

  1. RMS would have to be naive to think Minsky didn't know what he was getting himself into. But even if it were so, knowingly or not, Minsky had sex with a minor against her will – the definition of sexual assault. So why is RMS grasping at straws to defend him? I think the outrage is more than justified.

  2. Sad part is that he is being fired for saying something that is most likely true. Only snowflakes can't admit it to themselves that some people out there would sleep with someone for their own gain.

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