Solus Linux OS Review, Preview, & Walkthrough | 2019 | (Beginners Guide)


Solus Linux OS Review, Preview, and Walkthrough a Guide for Linux Beginners in 2019. We’ll go through Solus Linux OS together and explore the latest release from Solus Linux OS . Solus Linux OS Linux is a very user friendly Linux Distribution that is independent in development and deploys their own custom Desktop Budgie.

The Solus distro deploys a custom desktop environment, Budgie which focuses on a simple environment for home computing and is designed with a minimal learning curve in mind. Also their default desktop environment comes with most of the everyday software that most would use including a browser, office suite, and multimedia apps. They also have focus on devs, content creators, and gamers and give support to those communities as well making it a nice encompassing distribution.

Review and Walkthroughs

Endeavour OS –
CentOS 8 –
PopOS! –
Parrot Security OS:
Fedora Workstation:
Elementary OS:
MX Linux:
Linux Lite:

Install Tutorials

Solus Linux OS :
Endeavour OS :
CentOS 8 NetInstall :
Parrot Security OS:
CentOS 8:
Fedora 30:
Elementary OS 5:
Arch Linux :
Ubuntu 18:
MX Linux 18:
Linux Lite 4:
Debian on Vbox:
Manjaro 18:
Debian 10:
Ubuntu Server 19:
Linux Mint 19:
Debian 9:

Live Episodes:
PopOS! SimpleList C/C++ Episode 1 –
EndeavourOS SimpleList C/C++ Episode 2 –

What’s the difference?

Debian vs Ubuntu:
Debian 10 vs Debian 9:

Useful Links
Solus Linux OS Download:
Solus Linux OS Help:
Create Bootable Linux Image:
Alternative Bootable Disk Creator: