Solus OS 4 Budgie – The Forgotten Linux Desktop O/S


Thanks to Sudo ReBoot for reminding me about Solus Linux this is a full install to my Beast PC, let’s see how she goes shall we.

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3 thoughts on “Solus OS 4 Budgie – The Forgotten Linux Desktop O/S

  1. start telegram from terminal and it will show up in the menu, Solos used to have a check box when installing nvidia drivers for 32bit drivers, unless they have removed it 😉

  2. its a crapp system watch if you use it for let say 2 months , for example if vlc is updated from solus , at some point the problems begin and fix it noway , even after forum posting vlc upding just fine but if you open vlc for playing a movie it wil close so fast you wil see what i am talking about , the same with smtube linked to vlc , play something and vlc open and closed again , no nomore solus for me , its a crapp system and ones it is broken its still broken , even if you unstall vlc or whatever , and re-install vlc , it is broken again , like i say no solus for me anymore , you wil not have this in arcolinux

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