Testing "A GNU/Linux Arcade distribution" – (Emulator frontend: Wahcade) – Part 7


This is part 7 of 8. Tested systems in this part:

– Sega Model 3
– Sega Naomi
– Sega Naomi 2
– Sega Saturn

Testing an arcade distribution (“A GNU/Linux Arcade Distribution”) with a TV tube monitor, a Namco arcadestick and a PS1 controller. I found this Distribution on the german Arcadezentrum board several mounth ago.

This linux distribution was made for “Arcade Cabinets” with a 15khz arcade monitor but works also with any controller, keyboard or mouse. You can use even a WII-mote as an analog wheel or -stick or as a mouse or you can put the mouse and mouse-buttons on Joystick 1 or 2 if you need this – ScummmVM, Atari ST, Amiga, Nintendo DS etc. Its just one click.

The install-DVD contains only free software. But the distribution is preconfigured for lots of emulators (see list below). There aren’t any commercial copyright protected stuff on the distribution. All Software is licensed under the GNU Public License. No exceptions.

After installation, the pc boots directly into the WahCade frontend. The controls for all emulator are preconfigured to the mame joystick and push button layout! The only thing you have to adjust are the input devices. Any input device which linux supports will work – Ultimarc IPAC, JPAC, keyboard, joystick, mouse, trackball etc.

All emulators starts with one key (“1”) and exits with one key (“end”). There are also commands on “shifted” keys: reset X-server, start/kill wahcade, show/hide virtual keyboard a.s.o.

The Dreamcast, Naomi, Atomiswave and PS2 emulator needs a descent CPU and grafic card. The preinstalled GPL ATI-driver could be replaced by the proprietary ATI driver to speed things up. I used the GPL driver in this test.

Under application you find a music box controlled via joystick 1 and 2 and push buttons.

The picture on a TV tube monitor using a VGA2SCART (RGB) cable looks absolutly authentic and fantastic. You never get a picture like this with a TFT, LCD, scanline generator or mame filter.


Project page:


Supported systems/emulators (from the docs):

“A GNU/Linux Arcade Distribution” v0.91b 2013-09-03″

– 3DO (3DOPlay v1.8.2, FreeDO v2.1, patched)
– Atari 2600 (Stella v3.7.2)
– Atari 5200 (Atari800 v2.2.1, patched)
– Atari 7800 (MESS v0.106-3.2)
– Atari Jaguar (MESS v0.106-3.2)
– Atari Lynx (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Atari ST/TT/Falcon (hatari v1.6.2, patched)
– Bandai Wonderswan (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Bandai Ws Color (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Capcom CPS 1 (Neubula v2.25b)
– Capcom CPS 2 (Nebula v2.25b)
– Capcom CPS 3 (CPS3 Emulator v1.0a)
– CBS Coleco Vision (MESS v0.106-3.2)
– Commodore Amiga (E-UAE v0.8.29-WIP4, patched)
– Commodore C-16 (VICE sdl v2.3.1)
– Commodore C-64 (VICE sdl v2.3.1)
– Commodore VC-20 (VICE sdl v2.3.1)
– DOS (DOSBox v0.74-2)
– Fujitsu FM Towns (Xe v2.16.2)
– MAME SDL (MAME SDL v0.143u7)
– MAME SDL bezel (MAME SDL v0.143u7)
– MAME highscore patch (MAME SDL v0.143u7)
– MAME XGL (XGL MAME v0.76.1)
– Mattel Intellivision (jzIntv v1.0 beta3)
– MB/GCE Vectrex (MESS v0.106-3.2)
– NEC/H. PC Engine (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– NEC/H. PC Engine CD (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– NEC/Hudson PC FX (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Nintendo DS (DeSmuME v0.9.8 svnr0, patched)
– Nintendo Gameboy (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Nintendo G. Advance (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Nintendo G. Color (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Nintendo Game Cube (Dolphinn v3.0-291)
– Nintendo N64 (Mupen64Plus v1.5)
– Nintendo NES (Nestopia v1.40)
– Nintendo SNES (ZSNES v1.51)
– Nintendo Triforce (Dolphin v3.0-698)
– Nintendo Virtual Boy (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Nintendo WII (Dolphin v3.0-291)
– RAINE (RAINE v0.51.11)
– Sammy Atomiswave (DEmul v0.57)
– ScummVM (ScummVM v1.3.1)
– Sega 32X (Gens v2.15.5.-4-1)
– Sega Dreamcast (DEmul v0.57)
– Sega Game Gear (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Sega Master System (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Sega Mega CD (Kega Fusion v3.63, Gens v2.15.5.-4-1)
– Sega Mega Drive (Gens v2.15.5.-4-1)
– Sega Model 2 (Model 2 emulator v1.0)
– Sega Model 3 (Supermodel Version 0.3a-WIP)
– Sega Naomi (DEmul v0.57)
– Sega Naomi 2 (DEmul v0.57)
– Sega Saturn (Yabause v0.9.11)
– SNK Neo Geo (GnGeo v0.7)
– SNK Neo Geo CD (NeoRAINE v1.3.0)
– SNK Neo Geo Pocket (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– SNK NG Pocket Color (Mednafen v0.9.22-WIP, patched)
– Sony Playstation (PCSX-Reloaded v1.9.92-3)
– Sony Playstation 2 (PCSX2 v0.9.9.0)
– Windows (Wine v0.97 to 1.3.31 or daily builds)


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  1. OK MetalTiger88! Can U link some videos about that?
    Thanks a lot….
    I'm gonna custom a Naomi Cab. I'm thinking what OS implement into this cab….Of course the first step is get a Powerful Hardware in order to play all Naomi Games… If you have some advice to tell me,please write down here…. Thanks!

  2. OK thanks. So If I use an Intel i3 processor , 4gb Ram + Sound card + 1gb graphic card I'll able to play all emulator system!!!??? Thanks in advice….

  3. Hi. Good Frontend! I want put it Into my Naomi cabinet. I got it 2 hours ago and I'm gonna custom it.
    So can U tell me the best hardware configuration in order to play all games ps2 Naomi Wii psx Dreamcast? Thanks a lot!!

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