Ubuntu 18.04 Vs Debian | Which is the Best Linux Distro?


Debian and Ubuntu, both are one of the leading Linux distributions of all time. But which among them is the best? Which among them is more suitable FOR You? Ubuntu or Debian.

So, I will be comparing them both, Side by Side and in depth, and as you know, I’ll keep it short and on point.
Known for their rock-solid stability and a huge community support, both of these distros are one family but at the same time, miles apart from each other.

Download Ubuntu:

Download Debian:

How to install Ubuntu:


42 thoughts on “Ubuntu 18.04 Vs Debian | Which is the Best Linux Distro?

  1. Ubuntu crashes a lot for me as I plug in my monitors a lot and Ubuntu freezes quite often. Also nvidia drivers don't work well with Ubuntu. I want to try debian but most hardware makers only support ubuntu, if at all. So it is a dilemma.

  2. I've been using actual Unix long before Linux was conceived. I'd love seeing Linux users act like a deer caught in headlights when there's no GUI, & all they have to work with is the shell prompt.

  3. For pro audio, I prefer Debian any day. Because I am not forced into a pre-built setup. I choose what I want and tweaking is the game of pro audio. Therefore I also like to keep to a set of standards, so my head does not get fuzzy with to much to remember.
    Try to install a realtime kernel in any Ubuntu flavor, in Debian it is already there.
    Amd graphics card are just plug and play now. It is only Nvidia proprietary drivers that is a tiny bit more complicated on Debian, but this can be learnt quickly.
    I would choose a flavor of Ubuntu for a tweak free setup and Debian for anything else. But then again, I like Debian and feel home there, so why even bother with Ubuntu.
    For beginners do try Ubuntu until you are comfortable there. Then try something else…

  4. Ubuntu crashes and corrupts too frequently. Now i switched to linux mint beacause on internet a lot of articles says that is more stable…1 month and still 0 problems. Ubuntu in the other end (with lxde) forced me to reinstall the system after 1 damn week. Plus spotify doesn't works on ubuntu intstead it does in mint

  5. Ubuntu is an ancient african word for "I can't configure Debian".
    And Docker solves any issue you may have with unavailable packages, without cluttering your system and without the security issues of random people's PPA's.

  6. I started my experience with Ubuntu 11.10 till I found Debian 6.0. Debian impressed me so much. I have been using Ubuntu for short periods . Ubuntu never impressed me like Debian did.

  7. I used debian, ubuntu for 10+ years…I switched to arch based system….netrunner… I am very happy about my decision since I no longer need to format my system in every couple of years….

  8. Incorrect….you can add repositories to Debian…
    And Debian with backports repo is far better than Ubuntu.
    Recently installed Debian Stretch with non free and backports repo and now its on kernel version 4.18 and Libre Office 6.1.
    And its way better, way stabler and yes, better performing than Ubuntu.

  9. I maybe biased but I feel like installation in Debian is not that hard given they have all the how-to in their official wiki pages. One of the top most reasons I chose Debian is because of reliability. If I want to update to newer things quickly I ll rather use backports

  10. Debian over Ubuntu.

    Personally, I prefer and use Slackware. It's rock solid.
    If there was no Slackware I'd go with Debian or Arch.

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