Ubuntu MATE on the Pi + The Linux Community | Choose Linux 8


We take Ubuntu MATE 18.04 for a test drive on the Raspberry Pi 3. How does it compare to Raspbian? After that, a fascinating discussion about the Linux community.

What are the high points and low points? What’s that magic ingredient that makes it feel so different from other tech communities?

00:00:29 Ubuntu MATE 18.04 on the Raspberry Pi
00:13:20 The Linux community

Show Notes & Download: https://chooselinux.show/8

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1 thought on “Ubuntu MATE on the Pi + The Linux Community | Choose Linux 8

  1. I've been using Ubuntu Mate for my main desktop for at least a year now and I really enjoy it. However I'm not super impressed with the software center, seems like it's missing a lot of the software I'm looking for. As for it's looks, I just don't really care.

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