Why Linux Over Windows for Me.


So do to a recent problem involving my workstation needing to be fixed I came across yet another reason why I continuously choose Linux over Windows 95% of the time and use Linux as my daily driver.

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9 thoughts on “Why Linux Over Windows for Me.

  1. When it comes to workflow, there's nothing significant I can say. But I use Linux over Windows most of the time because of this:

    I get to choose my bloat rather than have the OS choose it for me.

  2. You know my case. 95% gaming. Now that all the windows games either suck or run on proton/lutris I find that grub doesn't present such a choice anymore. And linux on a ssd Rick Flare

  3. Theming, privacy, amazing package management, and a community where I feel like I really belong and am treated well is why I use Linux for everything except for playing rocket league because I’m a competitive rocket league player. Also watching the progression of Linux warms my heart. Oh and compatibility layers like dxvk/d9vk and proton fascinate me. Excuse my ramble lol

    Edit: this is also why Solus is the best distro and it’s better than all of yours confirmed 100% your opinions are all wrong 😉

  4. In Linux it takes me around 15mins to get up a running with nvidia drivers and a set up script, done.
    Windows about an hour to get the base system installed. then its off to website a and then website b and so on, manually install, blah, blah, 3 hours. I have to go back to website abcd.. to get a god damn update which is every damn time I boot it.
    Two commands to maintain Linux. Do I really have to say how much maintenance Windows requires? Linux only "costs time" if you don't know what you're doing ( new to the system ) Windows costs time even if you know what you're doing. I've never had hardware issues on either OS though, I buy for what I run.

  5. Linux: i could do fresh linux install manjaro or ubuntu base with all my drivers and software and theming customization within a 1 1/2 hours taking my time.
    Windows 10: Fresh Winblows install drivers and my software and customization and dont forget the updates then all the privacy settings and all the other tweaks takes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours .
    And then comes to find out all the settings get reseted after winblows update so you have to do it all over again.
    So in my opinion windows is the waste of time not linux and im not being bias im speaking from experience and having to support many windows 10 and linux pc for my home family and friends.

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